People’s Kitchen cooking for the community

Children's playground sketch
Children's playground sketch

Story by Emma L Koch | Picture by the Live Projects team

For the past six weeks People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor (PKP) and a ‘Live Projects’ team from the University of Sheffield have been working together at Abbeyfield House to create a vision for a place that celebrates the diversity of Pitsmoor and brings people of different cultures together through sharing recipes and food.

This year, seventeen students have worked with PKP to plan for the conversion of the stables at Abbeyfield House into a community kitchen café. Weekly meetings at the house, along with conversations with local residents and three participation events, identified our key aims: identifying and unlocking the potential of the stables, increasing public knowledge of PKP and developing a sustainable model for the stables.

With the work produced the Live Project team hope the People’s Kitchen continues to grow! If you would like to get involved PKP meet on the third Wednesday of every month, at Abbeyfield House at 7:30pm. They are always looking for volunteers and fresh input! Keep up to date on the Facebook page People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor.

Children's playground sketch
Children’s playground sketch

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