The importance of fitness

Story by Safwan, Hatib, Mufassar, Danny and Saif from Ellesmere Youth Project

Fitness is the key to a healthy, happy life. It is not hard to achieve what I am doing it, only involves dedication and small simple steps.

One benefit of doing fitness is that it will improve fitness levels; it will also protect you from certain disease such as heart disease. Another benefit for being fit is that it builds confidence for those who are weak.

Fitness is movement that steadily removes stress; it also takes your mind of things happening around you and helps you concentrate body and mind as well as many other benefits that will keep you healthy. Did you know that fat leaves your body through your sweat? Fitness allows you to eat more and gives you energy to continue. Fitness is key but as well as fitness, you need sleep.

The famous footballer called Cristiano Ronaldo proves this to us. Ronaldo sleeps a minimum of eight hours a night for the best performance. Having trained for four weeks, I feel much fitter and confident. Towards the start of 2018, I was unable to perform certain exercises and now I am able to perform all the exercises without help.

I feel much more confident, and believe that I will never fail in life; this keeps me going in all my challenges. I now feel hubristic. We have also been training as a group once a week for a couple hours, and results are starting to show!

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