The quiz – still lost in Burngreave

Quiz - still lost in Burngreave

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

Well I’ve really done it this time!

My hands are on a rust coloured piece of metal about 2.5 metres tall on which, further up, there are bigger hands than mine. The heather is up to my knees in this rare piece of lowland heath. I have just walked past a big gun and a couple of boats. Before that I saw some very colourful fish. In the distance I can see the start of the Peak District.

Where I am standing used to be part of a deer park in the Middle Ages. Guess what? The deer are  back! But you are much more likely to see a bird similar to the one whose wings I am touching now.

Are you sure I’m still in Burngreave?

Last issue’s answer: I was at the Burngreave Knot, the sculpture outside Vestry Hall