Walking to Romania

Story by Tom Hughes

The Walking for Purpose project ran in Burngreave working with both Aspiring Communities Together and Burngreave Works. Together we ran 29 walks and employability sessions from 9th July – 21st September.

In total we had 56 different individuals access the project and over 452 attendances across the ten week programme. This wasn’t including the children and young people who came along with their parents during the Summer Holidays.

The project took in walks to various parks and greenspaces locally including Firth Park, Concord Park and Longley Park as well as Wincobank Woods and Parkwood Spring and the group also headed further afield to both Endcliffe and Graves Parks. The group were accompanied by fantastic staff and volunteers from Aspiring Communities Together and Burngreave Works who worked with the participants on their English skills and helped them to improve their activity levels by racking up over 1388 miles between them over the Summer. That’s the equivalent of Walking from Sheffield to the Romanian capital city of Bucharest!!

The group also completed a number of employability workshops, working with the WEA on Confidence, Self Esteem and Job applications as well as an Emergency First Aid at Work Course. We will be continuing the project in partnership with Aspiring Communities Together during the Autumn with a walk starting from Aspiring Communities Together on Wednesday Mornings at 11am from 10th October 2018.