An honest, wry, and respectful account

Story by Anne Wyatt | Picture by Jonathan Turner

I came away from the Sunday Best exhibition at Yorkshire Art Space Exchange Studios full of renewed pride at being part of such a diverse and vibrant community here in Burngreave.

The striking and intensely beautiful portraits of proud people dressed in their own and very varied interpretation of ‘Sunday Best’ were totally captivating, and I enjoyed leafing through the smaller prints creating my own ‘line up’. Alongside these images, the soundtrack comprising snatches of conversation and many other sounds, from street sounds such as ambulance sirens to worship taking place in different religious spaces around the area, had many poignant moments.

Experienced together, the images and sound track comprised an honest, wry, and very respectful account of a year of intense observation, and made me grateful that I can live alongside and spend time with so many amazing human beings, without ever leaving my neighbourhood!


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