Burngreave Brainstorm

burngreave brainstorm

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

Where exactly is Burngreave?

1. Which island, with a shrinking population of reindeer, is more than ten times the size of Great Britain but has only about twice the population of Burngreave?

2. Which county (apart from South Yorkshire) has extremities that are further North, South, East and West of Burngreave?

3. Santa’s reindeer have taken a wrong turning and ended up at the South Pole. And so, flying directly in a straight line, which countries will they have to cross to get from the South Pole to Burngreave?

4. Name four countries whose capital city is nearer to Burngreave than it is to that country’s most distant mainland point from that capital.

5. Please help Santa and list these places in order by their distance from the North Pole: Burngreave, Ottawa, Rome, Oslo, Lerwick (Shetland), Vladivostok.

They said what? Match the writer with the quotation

The writers:

a) James Drake (Drake’s Road Book of the Sheffield and Rotherham Railway, 1840)

b) Professor Benjamin Zephaniah (Talking about Page Hall where he believes he was conceived, 2014)

c) George Orwell (Stayed at Parkwood Springs, writing The Road to Wigan Pier, 1937)

d) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Lived and worked on Spital Hill briefly in 1878)

e) Lord Mayor Magid Magid (Interviewed by the Yorkshire Post in May 2018)

f) Daniel Defoe (A tour thru’ the whole island of Great Britain, 1720’s)

g) Sir Walter Scott (Ivanhoe, 1819)

h) Alfred Gatty (Sheffield past and present, 1873)

i) Ebeneezer Elliott (“On the opening of the Sheffield to Rotherham railway”, 1840.

j) Samuel Lewis (Topographical Dictionary of England, 1848)

The quotations:

1. My family settled in Burngreave to ‘look for a better life’. Sheffield welcomed us with open arms. It was the first City of Sanctuary. I think that was a lot to do with why we came here.

2. I have now traversed almost the whole city [of Sheffield]. It seems to me, by daylight, one of the most appalling places I have ever seen. In whichever direction you look you see the same landscape of monstrous chimneys pouring forth smoke which is sometimes black and sometimes of a rosy tint said to be due to sulphur. I doubt whether there are any architecturally decent buildings in the town.

3. These Sheffielders would rather be poisoned by a man with a beard than saved by a man without one.

4. [Brightside is] much frequented by pleasure parties from Sheffield. On every fine Sabbath especially, the sallow artizan may be seen wending his way thither, to inhale the freshness of the country air, and enjoy the beautiful and extensive prospect which the hill affords.

5. As a British-born child of immigrant parents, I have to laugh when I hear my mother complaining about the number of Eastern European people there are in the country now. I find this urge to gently remind her that it wasn’t so long ago when people were saying the same thing about her.

6. The River Don, with a rapid terrible current, had swelled its banks, and done a prodigious deal of damage the same year that I took this view, having carried away two or three stone bridges, ploughed up some wharfs, and drove away several mills;

7. Osgathorpe is ‘A beautiful eminence between Sheffield and Winco-bank, and, like the latter, overlooking a landscape of equal beauty.’

8. In that pleasant district of merry England which is washed by the River Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest covering the greater part of beautiful hiils and valleys which lie between Sheffield and Doncaster.

9. Looking from Osgathorpe down the Don Valley “there stands, as it were, Dantes city of Dis…masses of buildings, from the tops of which issue fire, and smoke, and steam, which cloud the whole scene, however bright the sunshine.”

10) A new road [Burngreave Road] to Barnsley has been constructed, leading through the romantic dell of Burngreave to Pitsmoor, and avoiding the precipitous hill of Pye Bank

The choice is yours

1. If Burngreave had the same proportion of police staff to residents as the City of London, how many police staff would be based here?
a) 33 b) 330 c) 3300

2. Which area of Burngreave has at least five “sisters” in other countries which share its name?

a) Grimesthorpe  b) Crabtree c) Shirecliffe d) Pitsmoor e) Carwood

3. Which is the odd one out?
a) Brearley b) Vickers c) Viscount d) Sorby  e) Chesterman

4. And which is odd one out here?
a) Andover b) Nottingham c) Carlisle d) Barnsley e) Sheffield

5. Sponge Bob Square Pants, the Burngreave Messenger, the Euro and the national minimum wage all started in which year?
a) 1999 b) 2001 c) 2003 d) 2005 e) 2007

Answer to last issue’s quiz:

I was at the Boy and the Bird sculpture on the edge of Parkwood Springs.

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