Burngreave New Year’s Honours

New Year's Honour award
New Year's Honour award 2017. Photo by Anwar Suliman.

Photo from the 2017 awards by Anwar Suliman

We will be hosting Burngreave’s New Year’s Honours early next year, and there is still an opportunity to nominate a worthy person or organisation! If you know someone, it could be a group or an individual, a volunteer, a paid worker, a new project or a well-established one, just tell us about the work they have done and why you think it has had a positive impact on Burngreave. Please visit www.burngreavemessenger.org/new-years-honours-form to complete the form, or contact our local area partnership officer Pam Grant on Pam.Grant@sheffield.gov.uk, who will send you out a nomination form, which you will have to return by 18th January. The awards themselves will be held in the Town Hall in early February. We look forward to hearing from you with names of people or groups that have inspired you.