Community spirit and kindness

Dear Messenger...

Dear Messenger,

Here’s a story that tells of community spirit and kindness and hope, which I want to share.

We were burgled on bonfire night whilst out of the house. This was not the first time it had happened to us. The most distressing aspect of it for me was the loss of an old but much-loved hand bag which had a set of photos in of my son and my friend’s daughter from them growing up together at the ages of 2 and 4 years until their teenage years.

I had just been to this friend’s daughter’s 30th birthday party and had selected favourite photos to share with her the family and friends and hadn’t had time to remove them from my bag. I was devastated that I’d lost important memories of their childhoods. Everyone was sympathetic and I suddenly realised I could put a post about it on the Pitsmoor Ladies Facebook group, which is a very active local Facebook group. So I did this, explaining the loss, as well as other items that had been stolen. I walked about the local area, looking to see if any photos had been scattered on the floor, knowing if they had they would be probably be ruined as it rained heavily, but hoping that some may have been covered up and saved. However, I didn’t see them and slowly gave up any hope of finding them. Then a week later I received a text from a friend with a photo of my bag and one on my lost photos attached, asking me of this was the bag and photos I’d lost… which it was!

What was amazing is that a guy who works locally had found the bag in his dustbin on Burngreave Road with the photos in it and had posted the pictures of it on his Facebook Page. Very fortunately for me, someone on Pitsmoor Ladies Facebook group had seen this and remembered the post I’d sent about the burglary and had sent me a message to see if it was my bag, which my friend then saw and texted me about.

I was then able to phone the person who’d found it, through his Facebook page and my bag and all the photos were returned to me the same day, all intact!

Apart from feeling very lucky about all this, I’m also struck by the power of social media which has in my case worked really well. This is because of one person’s kindness and determination to try to find the owner of the photos. More posts have been posted on this website about other items that have been found recently.

So don’t forget when you’re feeling a bit fed up, there is real community spirit alive and kicking in Pitsmoor; its restored my hope about living in this area. Thank you to everyone who was involved in helping me.

Name and address withheld by request