Developing a strong voice for the community

Story by Patrick Moran

Local Page Hall community activists and community development workers from the Sheffield Community Investment Deal team attended a two day ‘Community Intermediaries Training’ funded through the Council of Europe on the 7th and 8th November 2018.

Members of the SCID team were joined by members of Sheffield Roma Network based at Fir Vale Community Hub and Fir Vale Foodbank to learn techniques for improving participation, exploring intercultural approaches, and dealing with conflict.

The trainer was Lisa Lynn Rose who is an experienced community development worker working for the ROMACT project, a Roma Inclusion Project that is run by the Council of Europe. Lisa has a wealth of experience working with communities in Northern Ireland and across Europe supporting local authorities with Roma Inclusion.

As a Page Hall community development worker myself, I thought this training was a valuable and welcome chance to get together with key local activists and explore the community development and participation challenges in the area with the help of an experienced facilitator.

Tomas Tancos, the Sheffield Roma Network lead worker, said:

“I learnt a lot about community participation and working with other workers in the area to develop a strong voice for the community and methods for improving the situation locally.”

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