Fundraising to fight food waste

Market Stall. Photo by Leigh Singleton

Story by Suman Shrestha | Photo by Leigh Singleton

The Real Junk Food Project is an award winning non-profit social enterprise, saving food from being wasted and making it available to the people of Sheffield is widely appreciated.

On 20th November they launched a campaign to raise £50,000 to create ‘Sheffield’s first sustainable food hub.’ Working through the website, they are offering various rewards for those who support their work.

Under the leadership of Jo Hercberg, and now with over two hundred volunteers, the project combines feeding the hungry with tackling climate change. The project runs pay as you feel cafes, the Sharehouse Market, FoodWorks for schools and popular catering functions. One family who regularly visit the market said:

“We are very much thankful to this project. Our house is filled with food, our kids are enjoying the fresh food.”

Jo said:

“We set up the project to raise awareness of food waste, but it took off really quickly. Over the years we have saved 319 tonnes of food from going to waste.”

Many parents find it helpful and worthy when they have contact with FoodWorks for Schools. One such school, Oasis Academy Watermead, have worked closely with the project for some time. The schools pastoral manager, Mrs Singleton, said:

“We are happy to support the Real Junkfood Project, and it is going really well. Parents find it helpful, and we are always there to support and help our parents in many ways.”

The project is currently based in a temporary warehouse on Carlisle Street, and the project team are hoping to remain in the area due to their strong community links. Jo told us:

“We are hoping to stay in Burngreave because we have got good links with the local community and also the many different nationalities helping out on any one day.”

The Real Junkfood Market opens Monday to Saturday from 1 to 3pm.

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