Mawlid celebrations

Story by Alison Higgins | Photos by Zia Khan and Mazher Iqbal

Communities across Burngreave came together to mark Rabi-ul-Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar, and the birth of the Prophet Muhammed.

On 17th November, Burngreave based group An Nasiha visited the city centre to ‘spread the Universal Message of Peace and Love’ by distributing roses and cupcakes. The group had to battle against loud bagpipes as they spread their message, which included cards with a verse from the Koran.

“It’s about spreading the message of love, which Islam teaches us. It’s about the mercy of the Prophet and how we are all equal.”

On 2nd December, Jamia Masjid Ghausia hosted the Milaad un Nabi, or Mawlid, celebrations on behalf of the South Yorkshire Council of Mosques. The event, which celebrates the birth of the Prophet, brought the local community together to parade from Ghousia Mosque. It then went through Page Hall before returning to the mosque for a meal. Led off by Mr Wahid Hussain, from Kebabish, and was followed by naushads (Islamic spiritual singing) and lectures from famous Islamic scholars. As well as recounting the Prophet’s life, salutations and poetry in his praise are recited.

A thousand people attended the procession, supported by more than sixty volunteers, who ensured that everyone was well fed, watered and made it around the procession safely.

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