Streets of Light in Fir Vale

'choose love' in a window

Streets of Light in Fir Vale Story by Kevin Stapleton | Photo by Patrick Moran

Hundreds attended this years ‘Streets of Light’ around Fir Vale, with houses joining in from Earl Marshall Road up to Launder Street.

Following on from last year’s inaugural event, when over 120 houses, shops and workplaces took part, dozens of people decorated windows and left the lights on to let everyone see their fantastic displays.

Residents cut out silhouettes, painted displays and glued glitter to make their windows glow. Running from 30th October through to 5th November, Streets of Light reminds those who are not so keen on Halloween, with all its bangs and ghoulishness, that light and love are always just next door. As part of the week, the team gave out over 200 hot chocolates on Hinde Street, to ‘spread some love instead of fear.’ Recipients were asked to donate some of their trick or treat sweets to the St Cuthbert’s foodbank in return.

Nikky Sentence, team leader for event organisers Eden Network, said:

“I was amazed at the generosity of kids, who were so willing to share what they had. We can’t wait till next year, and look forward to even more people being involved.”

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