Zero budget but plenty of thrills

Projector and Screen in the Church

Story and photos by Jackie Jones

Cheap Thrills, the Zero Budget Film Festival, hit Pitsmoor once again, for its eighth successful year.

The event organised and hosted by ‘Commander’ Martin Currie attracted a record 1000+ entries this year, and over 25 short films were shown at Christ Church Pitsmoor. The event was free to anyone who wanted to attend.

The films shown were from all over the world: from Japan, to Canada, the Middle East, Europe and more than one entry all the way from Pitsmoor! Some films were extremely funny, others serious and thought provoking. One guy did a live commentary to his animation explaining how annoying dirty glasses are (pictured). The requirements for entry for each film were that it had to be between one and ten minutes long, suitable for a family audience and, of course, had to be made with a zero budget.

At the intermission, a collector of old movies projected a reel of old film dating from 1905. It was called ‘Rescued by Rover’. It was a British film which is claimed to have been the first ever film that had a story.

Back in the day, the film was shown all over the world and Hollywood picked up the idea of making ‘feature’ films with stories and characters, and consequently made millions. Meanwhile the British film industry is still trying to catch up.

The theme of the evening was ‘Come as a Russian Revolutionary’ and we were all encouraged to make a placard for an impromptu ‘demo’ when we got there. By the end of the evening, Martin announced that we’d had a revolution of sorts because everyone was now a lot happier than at the start of the evening – which was certainly true for me.


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