A taste of Yemen

fish mikhbaza

Story by Surtag Hack | Food photos by Kim | Shop photo by Graham Jones

Situated in the middle of busy and vibrant Spital Hill, An-Naseem is a restaurant serving traditional Yemeni food.

We arrived and were welcomed and shown to our seats, the restaurant was busy but not full, so there was a choice of seating and adequate space.

To start we were brought complementary tasty lamb maraq (soup), salad and Yemini traditional green chillies and water for refreshment.

There was plenty of choice on the menu. We ordered khobz, which is a sort of bread, and hilbeh. Hilbeh is known as fenugreek in the west. It is powdered and soaked overnight, then whipped into a frothy liquid with or without spices and lemon juice and used as a dip with the khobz.

We also had fish mikhbaza, which is cooked in special Yemeni style clay oven with traditional spices here at the restaurant Next came zorebyan spiced lamb with rice and potatoes steamed in a traditional way flavoured with saffron and Yemeni spices.

We ended our meal with sweet special boiled tea with milk and traditional spice (nutmeg)

The staff were friendly and attentive to our requests and the food was freshly prepared and delicious. A taste from back home in the Yemen, here in Burngreave.

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