Aspire to a great career

Hopeton Bailey
Hopeton Bailey

Story by Kevin Stapleton

Sheffield teacher Hopeton Bailey has launched a society to give young people the confidence and contacts they need to succeed in their chosen career. The Aspirers Society will allow members to hear from inspirational speakers and will visit workplaces, from law firms to factories, to help them decide if that is the profession for them.

Hopeton also hopes to arrange trips to universities to show pupils both what university life is like, and what they will need to get there. Hopeton teaches maths locally and gives after-school lessons at Burngreave Vestry Hall.

Hopeton Bailey
Hopeton Bailey

Having grown up as one of eight siblings in Jamaica, not all of whom his parents could afford to send on the bus to school, he knows how it is all too easy to become disillusioned with education, and give up.

Hopeton said: “It was only thanks to some very strong teachers and members of the community that I was able to get back on track.” He qualified as a teacher in Jamaica, and completed a science degree and a masters in education after moving to the UK in 2006.

The group held a well received second event at Vestry Hall on Saturday, January 26, with speakers including Hopeton and 12 year old Rashid Elmi, from Parkwood Academy, the Society’s vice president.

As well as the monthly talks and visits, members can contact Hopeton whenever they need for careers advice or help with their studies – all for a monthly subscription of £15. For more information about the Aspirers Society, call Hopeton Bailey on 0774 7334 064 or email

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