Astrea students exhibit their talents

Astrea Pupil at Art Exhibition

Year Seven students at Astrea Academy were delighted at seeing an exhibition of their work take place in Sheffield Institute of Arts (the old Head Post Office building), which is part of Sheffield Hallam University, just before Christmas.

The group had been working with the Rotherham based arts charity Grimm & Co for six weeks in the run up to the exhibition, developing their creativity and trying to ‘smash brainpower into each other’s minds.’

Lashma and Ibrahim showed me around the exhibition, and the incredibly varied work they had created. Themes ranged from ‘What being creative meant to me’ to ‘Job applications for Unloved objects’ (including objects such as pencils and 5p pieces), via superheroes and postcards from aliens –

“We got into the aliens mind and wrote to our mums to say how good Donny is.”

Sara Christie, from Grimm & Co, told me:

“It’s a great new way to work with schools, and not just for one session. There were no preconceptions, as long as it was creative we had free reign. It’s all about building self-confidence and creativity. To be able to say ‘I’ve curated an exhibition and been to a university.”

Vicci from Astrea, said:

“It’s amazing how it’s gone. It’s been a real boost to their confidence. Getting them involved in things like this really helps to demystify what university life is like.”

As to the exhibitors themselves, they also seemed delighted by the day. Asked how they felt, they told me:

“Tired, but proud.”

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