Burngreave Brainstorm answers

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Burngreave Brainstorm answers

But where exactly is Burngreave?



3.France, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Algeria (again), Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana (but Santa is so lost that he might even go via the North Pole thereby crossing parts of Russia and Fiji)

4.France, Norway, Russia, Ireland and also USA (if you include Alaska)

5.Lerwick (Shetland) Oslo, Burngreave, Paris, Ottawa, Vladivostok

They said what?

1.a4, b5, c2, d3, e1

The choice is yours

1.c) The small area known as The City of London (resident population 9,000) has its own police force which has more than 1,100 staff.  Burngreave’s population is around 27,000 i.e. three times as many.

2. b) Crabtree. There are four in the USA and one in Canada.

3. c) Viscount. The others are the names of steel manufacturers whose have been given to ward blocks at The Northern General Hospital.

4. e) Sheffield. It is the only one not to have a Burngreave street/road named after it.

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