Fly-tippers waste space

Fly Tipping Crabtree Ponds

Story by Deborah Blencowe | Photo by Rachel Stevenson

The Wildlife Trust went to tend to Crabtree Ponds and do their monthly clean up at the beginning of January. Once again, we were horrified to see that fly-tippers had dumped their rubbish on the local nature reserve.

This is now happening frequently and it is usually when people know that the ponds will be cleaned at the beginning of each month. The rest of the site was absolutely fine, the council bin is now getting emptied on a regular basis and the ducks and moorhens are doing well.

Meanwhile, at Babur Road, whole beds and other home furnishings are being dumped at what locals have a called ‘fly-tippers heaven!’ Unfortunately for these dumpers, a whole bag full of letters was found in with the rubbish which might mean that the offenders can be traced.

People should be aware that the items that are dumped are searched for any evidence of addresses and that anything found will be reported to the Police. Fly-tipping is an illegal offence and carries fines of up to £50,000.

Fly-tippers waste space
Fly-tippers waste space

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