Hello and thank you

Hello and thank you February 2019

In our ongoing series, we continue to show you how to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in just some of the many languages spoken in Burngreave. And as it was Burns Night on 25th January, we’ve also included Scots Gaelic.

Scots Gaelic

Halò (ha-LAW)
Tapadh leat/leibh (TAH-puh let/leave)


Burmese - hello– Mingalaba (Min Ge Lar Ba)

Burmese - thank you– kyaayyjuutainpartaal (chay-tzoo-tin-bah-teh)


Bawo ni? (bah-woh nee)
O se / E se – O is singular and informal (Oh Shhhay / Eh Shhhay)