‘More services, less crime’

Story by Wajid Akhter
Survey conducted by Safwan, Hatib, Mufassar, Danny and Saif | Data analysis by Fran Belbin

As part of the partnership between the Messenger and Ellesmere Youth Project, the project designed two surveys. One was around what young people want from the Burngreave Messenger, and the other, presented here, concerned their overall thoughts about the area itself, and what services and facilities they wanted to see more of. The youth themselves designed the surveys, coming up with the topics and the questions.

Ninety-three surveys were completed, at local schools, and after school clubs. 45% of the respondents were 11-14, 35% 15-18, and, except for one under 11 year old, the rest were 18-25.

The main results of the survey are clear – young people generally like living in the area, with its range of cultures and cuisines, as well as its strong sense of community. Most (57%) do already take part in some kind of organised leisure activity – although they probably leave Burngreave to do so. But the bad things about the area were even more apparent – a full 75% of those asked said that they though crime was a major issue, the largest response we had to any question.

Over 50% thought drugs were similarly important, and only a slightly smaller number (46%) said they don’t feel safe in the area. Litter and the poor state of some housing was mentioned almost as frequently.

In terms of how to deal with these problems, two responses stood out – over 60% want more things to do and places to go, and 54% want a more visible police presence. What were those ‘more things’? In first place, was ‘more indoor activities’ – ranging from cookery classes, to confidence workshops, to clubs to play Fortnite. In general, there was a fairly even split in the range of activities people wanted, a mixture of practical skills, sports and just places to relax and socialise safely.

Many thanks to all those who took the time to take part in the survey.

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