Support for Victor’s release grows

Support for the release of Victor Mujakachi has been gathering momentum on social media and through an online petition set up by ASSIST on He is being detained by the Home Office and faces deportation back to Zimbabwe. At the time of writing the petition has been signed by 2,983 people (UPDATE: 7,490 as of 3.45pm 13th Feb. 28,014 by 6.40pm!).

“He has been an outspoken critic of ZANU PF. Now he is being threatened with deportation at a time when political opponents are being beaten, shot and detained.” SYMAAG (South Yorkshire Migration and Asylum Action Group) on Twitter.

Victor has been an indispensable volunteer with many organisations across the city since coming to the UK in 2003. His friends and those he has met and worked with are busy spreading the word on social media in support of his release.

Rachel @rclaringbull tweeted:

“Victor Mujakachi – a great friend to so many in Sheffield, and truly inspiring and incredible volunteer and activist – has been detained by the Home Office. There is a real fear that he and other Zimbabweans may be deported…

“During my time volunteering with the Night Shelter @ASSISTSheffield, Victor was a constant source of support and kindness – to me and everyone who stayed. He’d regularly meet new guests in the cold and dark, and bring them to a safe bed for the night. An amazing man!”

“Victor Mujakachi has been volunteering for the community in Sheffield for 15 years. Tonight he is in a detention centre. Please sign the petition by our friends at @ASSISTSheffield” These Walls Must Fall‏ @wallsmustfall on Twitter.

“Victor Mujakachi has been detained… He is a local charity worker and fierce critic of Zimbabwean Governments. Deportation could kill him.” Martin Phipps‏ @MartinPhipps13 on Twitter.

“Victor Mujakachi one of our church officers has been seized today & sent to Morton Hall detention centre pending deportation to Zimbabwe. The regime change has changed nothing. lt is not safe for Victor to return.” Sioned-Mair Richards @efrogwraig on Twitter.

In 2008 a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Zimbabwean authorities, following critical comments he made online about the re-election of Robert Mugabe. He applied for asylum but his application was turned down, as were two further asylum applications in the following years.

“I met this man, Victor, he’s been contributing to our community for years, now the Home Office want to deport him. It makes no sense. Please sign: Free Victor Mujakachi – Sign the Petition!” Alison Teal‏ @alisonclareteal on Twitter.

Magid Magid, the Lord Mayor of Sheffield, also offered his support in a short Tweet which said “Everyone please help & support by signing and sharing this petition!”

“There is no greater contributor to our community that I know of. He volunteers for anything and everything he can get his hands on, he always has a huge smile, and helps others wherever he can. He has been a valued and consistent member of Side by Side intercultural drama group for around six years, devising and performing a number of plays around important issues to the Sheffield community. Please help Victor Mujakachi” Shuna Becket.

Friends and organisations on Facebook also shared their support and spread the word.

“A good friend of the festival and one of Sheffield’s most spirited citizens Victor Mujakachi has been detained by the home office. Help us bring him home where he belongs through the tiny step of signing this petition it will put pressure on our local MPs and government officials to act.” Migration Matters Festival on Facebook.

Victor Mujakachi is facing deportation back to Zimbabwe. He is a local charity worker and volunteer with a number of organisations. As an outspoken critic of Zimbabwean governments, he has expressed worries for his safety, should he be returned, especially given the recent brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters in the country.

He is now being detained by the Home Office at Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre, after reporting to Vulcan House on Monday 11th February, along with another Zimbabwean asylum seeker.

You can sign the petition to campaign for his release on Free Victor Mujakachi

More of his story and how you can support his release can be found on the ASSIST website.

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