Celebrating volunteers: Liz and Clare

Dance to Health - Liz, Clare and dance artist Lucy

There are hundreds of people working as volunteers across Burngreave, providing vital support for both groups and the people that they support, as well as learning new skills and making new friends as well as making a big difference to their community. Here, Liz and Clare explain what they do and why.

Story by Jenny Johnson | Photo courtesy of Aesop

Liz and Clare are two volunteer peer motivators at Dance to Health, a falls prevention programme for older people. It uses professional dance artists trained in physio based strength and balance exercises at weekly sessions to help improve participants’ balance and strength.

Liz and Clare both help out the dance artist with running the session – everything from modelling exercises and starting off dances to making the tea!

Why did you start?

Liz: I love dance and I’m also of an age where keeping active and maintaining balance is important so I am killing two birds with one stone! Also volunteering has always been a part of my life – even when I worked full time.

What do you get out of it?

Enjoyment! The opportunity to meet new people in different areas of Sheffield (Liz also volunteers at our Stocksbridge group). The opportunity to work with professional dancers is just fantastic. It has opened doors to other avenues of dance.

What advice would you give to anyone else wanting to volunteer? 

Do it! It is rich, rewarding, exciting, challenging – go for it.

Fir Vale community hub hosts a weekly Women’s Only session on a Thursday morning starting at  to volunteer?10am. We dance for 90 minutes and then have 30 minutes for tea and biscuits and a chat.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about participating or volunteering, visit www.dancetohealth.org call 07586 367 973 or email jenny.johnson@ae-sop.org

Dance to Health

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