Congratulations, parenting course graduates

Parenting course graduates featured. Photo by Stacy Flynn

Story by Suman Shrestha | Photo by Stacy Flynn

Parenting classes are the educational courses for parents, which help them to develop and maintain positive relationships with their children.

The ‘Incredible Years’ is an interlocking, evidence based programme for parents supported by over 30 years of research. The aim of this wonderful course is to deal with young children’s behavioural problems and promote their social, emotional and academic competence.

Recently, in January this year, a group of parents successfully completed this 15 week course, which was run in Firth Park by Sheffield City Council.

There were around 15 parents that attended the course who were full of excitement and the highly qualified and experienced course leaders, Fiona and Laura, guided them well. The parents found this very helpful. In each session, they shared their experiences and involved themselves for the task practically and followed all the instructions given by the course leaders.

One parent enthused:

“This course is amazing. Each session there is something different to be learned, making me more confident and feeling motivated.”

Important topics which are discussed on this course include empathy, attention and involvement. Quality time, problem solving, praise, encouragement, limits and ignoring distractions are among other issues that are also covered.

Parenting course graduatesAnother parent also expressed their appreciation:

“My son is having developmental delays: interaction, speech and language problems, but this course is helping me a lot. Now I can see the difference and how he is improving. Many thanks to the course leaders for their guidance.”

Course leader Fiona, explained:

“Parents who come to our Incredible Years programmes are initially worried that they may be judged or have been asked to attend, so already feel that they are doing things wrong.

“What we soon notice is that parents relax into the programme, self-reflect and reevaluate their parenting styles by themselves. We provide a warm friendly atmosphere for this selflearning to happen.

“The comments that we receive back are fabulous. They love the programme and often want to attend again and again!”

For further information, contact Fiona Brown and Laura Whittaker at the Central Parenting Team: 0114 205 7243.