Dear Messenger: Libraries are vital

Dear Messenger

Dear Editor,

In response to the article ‘Express yourself, empower yourself’ featured in the February edition of the Burngreave Messenger, I was very pleased to read that young people from Burngreave are taking part in creative writing at the library and elsewhere. Reading and writing are still two vital skills which can get you places, whether it is applying for university or jobs, or knowing where to look in the library to do research for a college, school or university project.

This article highlighted how vital it is that the area of Burngreave keeps a library service and how vital it is the Burngreave councillors, Jackie Drayton, Talib Hussain and Mark Jones fight for a professionally staffed library for Burngreave. The area and its people, young and old, deserve nothing less.

Yours faithfully,
Emmeline Stanton (Ms)


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