SAGE sing up a storm

SAGE Choir Singing

Story by Ruby Munson-Hirst | Photos by Helena Dolby

On 8th February 2019, the SAGE singing group were joined by three Sheffield community choirs from across the city. Each choir, Singing Through the Seasons, Purple Cats Community Choir, Carfield Community Choir and Body of Sound sang a range of songs before coming together to perform a selection of songs in unison.

The cathedral was full and tickets for the event sold out a week before. A long queue snaked around the cathedral before the doors opened as the choirs rehearsed their final pieces. Each choir was also given the opportunity to express the positive impact of singing on them as individuals. SAGE volunteer and singer Jane said:

“Singing is good for your body and mind and I urge you to come and sing with us.”

SAGE Singing Group

Amongst the singing and comments, the SAGE choir took time to acknowledge members of their choir who were too unwell to attend or sadly no longer part of the group due to illness. The dedication brought into sharp focus the significance of mental ill health on the group as well as their determination to overcome personal health and wellbeing struggles.

The cathedral was the ideal venue for the concert which has been planned for over a year. The concert was possible through funding from Postcode Community Trust and the group meet weekly on Mondays during term time at the Welcome Centre. The group have been active in promoting the concert, with a small section of the choir performing live on BBC Radio Sheffield earlier in the year.

SAGE Choir Singing

SAGE Choir Singing