The quiz – Really lost in Burngreave

Brought to you by quizmaster Graham Jones

I must have taken a wrong turning when I got off the bus and goodness knows where I am now. All I can say is that I am on a residential street, near a park and there is a shiny metal archway about three metres high with more colourful features above my head as I pass underneath it. It stands resplendent on top of some rather rusty green railings.

I seem to be near the throbbing nerve centre of a popular local journal. Can I still really be in Burngreave?

Steam Hammer
Steam Hammer – photo by Graham Jones

Last issue’s answer

Well done to Brian and Janet Gardner who correctly identified where Graham had got himself lost in last issue’s quiz: They write:

Issue 140’s ‘Lost in Burngreave’ was the Massey hammer corner of Sutherland Street and Brightside Lane.

The casting was from Brightside Foundry and Engineering at Ecclesfield owned by the Firth family. It was one of the last steam hammers built by Massey of Manchester, they went on to go update with the Space saver models.

Just one thing and it as always bothered me the casting should be green and the name plate red, Brightside closed down in the late ‘60s but the office block still stands.

Brian and Janet Gardner