Accidental vandalism at the cemetery?

Cemetery headstones and charred Japanese knotweed

Story by Christine Steers | Photos by Nico Hall

Whilst out walking his dog, local resident Nico Hall noticed that someone had been setting fire to the Japanese knotweed that had been recently cut down. Sadly, this resulted in at least three headstones being severely damaged.

Speaking to the gardeners who were mowing the grass, they told us that they had killed the knotweed and then burnt it, as instructed by their manager. By law the council are obliged to get rid of knotweed before it spreads further. After discussion they noted our concerns and told us they would discuss future actions regarding the knotweed with Bereavement Services.

We took the damaged pieces of flaked off headstones inside the chapel to make a note of which plots they came from.

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