Children need more emotional support services

Outside the Emosi centre
Dr. Adam Boddison, Dionne Cooper of Ellesmere Children’s Centre, Penny Borkett, Dr. Sharon Curtis and Dr. Pat Broadhead outside the Emosi centre.

Story by Graham Parker | Photo courtesy of Ellesmere Children’s Centre

Senior professionals in children’s development have called for more emotional support services for children from deprived communities to prevent longer term health and well-being issues developing.

The call was made following a meeting held at Emosi, the children’s therapy centre based at Ellesmere Children’s Centre. The meeting was attended by a range of nationally recognised leaders in early years development, including Dr. Adam Boddison, CEO of the National Association of Special Educational Needs.

Dr. Curtis reflected on her experience of running the centre, saying:

“It seems to be that the emotional development of very young children is often overlooked, but it underpins everything in terms of their mental health and wellbeing. We need to change the way we look at how practitioners, education providers and parents or carers engage on the subject of children’s emotional well-being, particularly in transcultural and deprived areas such as Burngreave.”

Dr. Broadhead welcomed the idea of Emosi being a focus for child development and said:

“We need to address the challenges around supporting children living with trauma as they move between home and early years settings. Children’s rights, parental support and staff development are all key