Community Star Awards 2019 Winners

Star Awards - Anwar (Large)

Compiled by Pam Grant | Photo by Anwar Suliman


  • Singing Through
  • The Seasons Choir
  • IT Community School and Subject Support
  • Wensley TARA
  • Big Brother Burngreave – Reach Up Youth
  • Pitsmoor CAB
  • The People‘s Kitchen Pitsmoor
  • Sheffield Climate Alliance
  • 39th Scouts


  • Rashad Hassan, Senior Learning Mentor – Oasis Academy Firvale
  • Mr Musaed AI-Hakm, Yemini Arabic School
  • Lucy Melleney, Green City Action
  • Richard Mills, Burngreave Community PCSO
  • Ismail Khan, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Rosti Krall, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Yanina Koszalinski, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Asea Abdulla (12yrs old) Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Elise Milnes (13yrs old) Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Libbi-Mae Clark (14yrs old) Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Sonam Nawaz, Community Volunteer/Activist, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground
  • Deborah Blencowe, Burngreave Messenger and Environmental Work Crabtree Pond
  • Usha Blackman, ACT Firvale Centre
  • Teresa Hogan Watt, Page Hall Local Community Volunteer/Activist
  • Sahra Abdi, Burngreave Community Volunteer
  • Erica Patterson, Community Volunteer
  • Usman Yousaf, Firvale Community Hub
  • Isilda Lang, St James Toddler Group
  • Ruby Munson-Hurst, SAGE Greenfingers