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Photo by Nikki La Vey

On Monday 25th March over a hundred people came to the Nelson Mandela room of the Town Hall for the Burngreave Community Star Awards. The awards are given to people who have given something to our community, whether as volunteers, organisations or as professionals.

Thirty individuals and organisations were recognised, from all parts of the community and all ages. All of them have given great service to the community over the past year, and we hope they are rightly proud of their achievements.

The three local foodbanks were rewarded for their sterling work with the most needy in our community. With their volunteers and their partner organisations, they bring hope to people in need, and help to both support and deliver social cohesion. Austerity, benefit changes, benefit delays and low income have had a massive impact on the ability of people to access affordable food. Our local foodbanks have been working hard for a number of years by providing local people with food and just as important families struggling to get by can find themselves incredibly isolated, so they also offer support and a space to be able to help them in times of desperate need to find ways forward. So, our special thanks to St Cuthbert’s Foodbank, Bev Jarvis for the Jubilee Shirecliffe Foodbank, and to Jon Watts and the Burngreave Foodbank.

And congratulations to everyone from Jackie, Talib and Mark.

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