More disabled parking spaces needed

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Dear Messenger,

When visiting Sorby House recently, I attempted to use my Blue Badge to park nearby, in one of the very few disabled parking spaces available in the area. Unfortunately, I was unable to, as the four spaces we are already occupied. So it goes, sometimes. Except, once I had managed to find somewhere to park, and went past the cars in question, only one of them was actually displaying the required authority themselves.

Why doesn’t the council properly enforce these areas, and other parking restrictions? There are already few enough of them in the area. We have a lot of disabled people living locally, and we should be doing everything we can to help them to get out and about, and not be left isolated at home. The surrounding area was little better, with cars double parked and businesses blocking off parts of the highway with traffic cones to (supposedly) enable deliveries.

We need more disabled parking spaces and better enforcement.


Alice Denham

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