Future in the balance

Burngreave Messengers display

As this edition of the Messenger goes to print, we are awaiting the result of our latest application to the Big Lottery Fund for a further two years’ of funding. Whilst we are waiting to hear the outcome we are still planning our way forward.

We will be working with various local partners and supporters over the next couple of months to develop plans, and we would like our readers to be involved too. How can we develop the our online presence and activity? How can we expand our coverage to make sure we reflect all parts of the ward? If we do not receive funding, should we continue with an online only presence? Or should we continue to publish a limited run of physical copies that aren’t distributed to every home?

We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. If you have any ideas about how we can improve our content, raise funds, cut back on costs, or any other way of improving , then please come along to the meeting, at Abbeyfield Park House, 12 noon on Sunday 16th June where we will be discussing our options and proposals.

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