Joel’s story

Hi my name is Joel Blessan, I am 9 years old this month, I study at Pye Bank school in Y4 and I play regularly at Abbeyfield Park. Recently I wrote a story. I hope you will like it!

Shas and Abbeyfield Park

THERE once was a boy who lived on Burngreave Road and his name was Shas. He lived with his dad Tom, his mum Lucy and sister Sara. Opposite the house was Abbeyfield Park but Shas had not yet been to the park.

This was because his mum and dad said he could not go until he was 8 years old. And today he was because yesterday it was his birthday. So his dad took him to the park. Shas saw two football pitches, a cricket ground which was a rectangular shape and the playground. Inside the playground were five swings, two of them were for 1 year olds (maybe 2 year olds), a high up monkey bars, a seesaw and a small and big slide. Surrounding it was a red fence with two gates.

The first place Shas wanted to go was the football pitch. His dad had brought a football with him because he knew there was a football pitch there and Shas liked football very much; in fact football was Shas’ favourite sport. The football was red with blue stripes. Shas decided that he would take a shot at his dad and see if he could score. 3,2,1 and shoot! Shas took a shot. GOALLL! He had scored against his dad.

Then he decided to go to the cricket pitch. They did not bring a bat and ball but luckily they managed to find them in the area where you play cricket. Shas’ dad could bowl a cricket ball really well (well, a tennis ball not a cricket ball). Also Shas could bat very well. So dad tried to get Shas out and he tried to stop an out happening. Just then something amazing happened: dad did a spin bowl and when Shas hit it, it went right over dad and over the fence and into a bush.

Then Shas and dad went down to the playground and the first thing that Shas wanted to do was to play on the monkey bars. He said, “This is the only thing I’m going to do in the playground because it’s my favourite thing to do here.” The first time Shas tried the monkey bars, he fell off the third bar, but on the second try he managed to cross the whole lot of bars. After that, dad and Shas went home and when they came to the park gate, he said, “My favourite part of the park is the monkey bars because I tried one time, then I improved the second time.” Shas thought it was the best park ever!

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