Language quiz

Language quiz.

Brought to you by quiz master Graham Jones

Our personal use of language is as individual as our fingerprint or DNA, but it changes over the course of our lives. Our language or accent can be an integral part of our identity. Most of us, even young children, use slightly different language in certain social situations. Many of us speak only one language, but others speak several.

Many of the world’s languages are dying out. The USA alone has over two hundred threatened languages. We would love to hear from you about your own language. Whatever our language we should celebrate it and be proud of it.

So here’s the quiz:

1. From which language do all these English words originate? Alcohol, lemon, coffee, magazine, massage, syrup.

2. Which language with 46 characters has the longest alphabet in Europe?

3. Which is the most widely spoken language in Pakistan and the fifth most widely spoken in Canada?

4. Which European language has more speakers in one South American country than it does in its country of origin?

5. Is Arabic one of the official languages of Israel?

6. Which language, devised in the 1970s, is based on the names of its creators Margaret Walker, Kathy Johnston and Tony Cornforth?

7. Which language gave us the words “ahoy”, “Semtex”, “robot”, “howitzer”, “pram” and “pistol”?

8. Which European language has more speakers in one Central American country than in its country of origin?

9. What is the nickname given to Sheffielders by other Yorkshire folk?

10. In which one of these countries is English an official language by law? a) United Kingdom b) Pakistan c) New Zealand d) Australia

11. About 30 people in the world are considered truly fluent in Klingon. Probably fans of which TV programme?

12. ”Soo dhaweyn” means “welcome” in which North East African language sometimes heard on the streets of Burngreave?

13. If a Sheffielder is “nesh” what do they particularly hate?

14. Jiizas: di Buk We Luuk Rait bout Im was published in 2012 having been translated from into Jamaican Patois from Biblical Greek. What is the title of this ancient book in Standard English?

15. How do you say “scone”?