Men charged with Jarvin Blake murder

Men charged with Jarvin Blake

Story by Richard Belbin

Three men are currently on trial charged with the murder of Jarvin Blake, a father-of-three who was stabbed and killed in March 2018. A fourth man, Lewis Barker from Parson Cross, pled guilty to the murder. He is currently remanded in custody prior to sentencing, which will take place after the conclusion of the current trial. .

The three men, Josiah Foster, 26, of the Manor, Sheffield; Devon Walker, 24, of Burngrave, Sheffield and Caine Gray, 27, of Treeton, Rotherham, all deny murder, although they do admit that they were present at the scene of the crime. The prosecution claim that Devon Walker directed the other defendants to a nearby street, where Blake and a friend were walking, ‘so they could attack him.’ Prosecutors further say that they

“are not able to say which of the defendants inflicted the blows with a knife but each was aware of, and agreed to the plan to inflict really serious injury or death upon Jarvin Blake and deliberately assisted or encouraged another or others in an unlawful attack.”

Jarvin Blake, who had young three children, was stabbed in broad daylight at the junction of Catherine Street and Brackley Street. The trial is expected to last for a month.