Awaiting decisions

You may have noticed that this edition of the Messenger is out a week later than stated in the previous edition. This is due to the delay in receiving news of our national lottery bid, and also means that our next issue will be slightly later too. Future issues should return to our normal schedule after this, and there will still be a further three editions of the paper before the end of the year.

We will know the outcome of our funding bid by the end of July, so, hopefully, the next issue of the Messenger you receive will see the return of the lottery logo on the bottom right of this page. As this is slightly later than we had hoped, the meeting with our friends and partners was put back to 3rd August, when we will know for sure what the short-term future for the Messenger is.

Whether we receive lottery funding or not, we will be making some changes to the way the Messenger works. While we still fully intend to carry on deliveries of a physical newspaper to each household in Burngreave, we do want to expand our website and provide more audio and visual content. This is a significant part of our lottery bid already, but it will be an even more significant part of the Messenger’s work if we do not receive their funding.

A key part of the Messenger’s remit is to ensure that we cover, and represent, all parts of our community, so please do get in touch and/or come to the August meeting, to let us know how you think we can improve the paper. Maybe it will be improved by you getting involved yourself!

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The Burngreave Messenger is facing an uncertain future following the rejection of our funding application. You could help keep us going and publishing more issues by making a donation.