People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor are on fire!

Who wants the last piece?
Who wants the last piece?

Story by Lyn Brandon | Photos by Emilie Taylor

Saturday 18th May saw another successful event organised by People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor (PKP). The main event was an excellent vegetarian chilli with homemade flat breads and the first use of our very own clay bread oven, made at a previous PKP session. It worked and we had people queuing to make and cook their own garlic and herb breads.

The PKP revived the old Environment Day that previously took place every year in Abbeyfield Park. The stalls and groups taking part reflected the growing awareness about the state of the environment with information about food and climate change, poor air quality in Burngreave, recycling plastic into eco-bricks, and alternatives to disposable nappies and sanitary protection. Local residents also had the opportunity to take away herbs to grow at home from Green City Action or a choice of plants provided by Grimesthorpe Allotments.

Greentop Circus were energetic as ever with children of all ages learning new skills including stilt walking and juggling. Thankfully there was no fire eating. We were honoured to host the first PITSMOMA (Pitsmoor Museum of Modern Art) by Martin Currie and music from Mark Willoughby added to the wonderful atmosphere and a very successful afternoon. Tim Neal, Chair of Friends of Abbeyfield Park, said:

“It was a delight to see so many local people of all ages spending time talking, eating, playing and sharing ideas and enjoying what is a wonderful local park. PKP has added a new dimension to Abbeyfield Park which will benefit the local community. I’d really like to thank everyone who took part or contributed in anyway.”