Quiz: mix ‘n’ match

Brought to you by quiz master Graham Jones.

Each of the ten questions has three clues of varying difficulty to the same part of a local place name. All you have to do is work out the ten answers. Then match each answer with one of the others until you have five local place names.



A) Injury due to heat.
B) Scottish stream.
C) Sounds like the capital of Switzerland.


A) A big house.
B) Sheffield’s got a town one and a city one.
C) House’s entry area.

A) Where orchestras play.
B) Cherry stones.
C) Coal mines.


A) Old name for a Moroccan.
B) Tie up a boat.
C) An open space: heath or marsh.


A) Sounds like a steep face of rock.
B) Carbon Lithium Fluorine Iron.
C) Life FC (anagram).


A) A servant boy.
B) To summon someone.
C) A leaf in a book.

7. A) Sounds like an animal’s thick coat.
B) A Liverpool fair.
C) A coniferous tree.

A) A big horse.
B) A river in Malawi.
C) County.


A) Goodbye in Ancient Rome.
B) OK in Spanish (pronounced like ‘balay’).
C) A valley.


A) Sounds like a word meaning ‘mourn’.
B) Piece of leg armour.
C) Rag Eve (anagram).


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