The great Pitsmoor get-together

Story by Michelle Cook

On Saturday 22nd June Brightside and Hillsborough Labour Party (in partnership with People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor) are hosting ‘the great get together’ at Abbeyfield House. This is a community event, open to all, not politically partisan.

At this time of year, when we remember Labour MP Jo Cox who was so brutally taken from us in 2016, we like to do something which brings the whole community together and a summer picnic seems the perfect way.

Everyone is invited to join us to share a picnic from 1-3pm. In previous years, I have held our annual picnic in the Botanical Gardens, but this year I decided to come to the wonderful setting of Abbeyfield Park as I live in Burngreave and have been working in the community with those whose voices aren’t always heard.

Abbeyfield House will be open to use the toilets, plus tea and coffee will be available from the People’s Kitchen Pitsmoor.

Bring food, drink, blankets, chairs, kid’s games etc. Feel free to bring an instrument to play or some poetry. I am hoping everyone enjoys the day and as Jo Cox said, “we have more in common than that which divides us.”