Debating at Parkwood

Story by Yamikani and Nasarah – BBC Young Reporters

On Wednesday 19th June 2019, students from Parkwood E-ACT Academy, Fir Vale School and Forge Valley School all gathered at Parkwood to compete in a friendly debate. They were accompanied with ambassadors from the University of Sheffield.

Before the debate, students played an ice – breaker game called ‘where do you stand?’ After the icebreaker, they were taught how to form a debate and discussed the steps to establish a strong debate. Scarlett, a student from Forge Valley expressed her confidence before the competition. After a short break, students then practised confident poses to boost their energy before the real debate began. ‘The motion to kick it off was: Should Global Modern Slavery Still Be A Thing?’

It was a very tense match with everyone determined to battle and win, but students were reminded by their teachers that the taking part in the competition is the most important factor. At the end of the competition, the BBC Young Reporters asked the university ambassadors how the competition played out.  Nelle, a student ambassador stated that she was ‘impressed by the knowledge that the students already had’ and that she ‘hoped the debate inspired the pupils to partake in more debate competitions.’

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