Fighting for air

Staff and pupils at Oasis Academy

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Rashad Hassan, courtesy of Oasis Fir Vale Academy

International Clean Air day started early in Burngreave this year. On Wednesday 19th June Oasis Fir Vale primary academy held a special assembly raising awareness of air pollution led by Jo Edmondson a supporter of the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign.

Jo also judged and gave prizes for the best pictures in a project where all of the school’s children had made pictures / placards about air pollution. They were just amazing and showed that these young children really had a grasp of the problem which is illegal levels across much of Burngreave.

Incredibly four of the pupils worked together to make a model village depicting a dirty polluted side with litter and smoke blackened buildings adjacent to a clean side where ducks run around and flowers bloom. This has been on display in the chapel at Burngreave cemetery. Prizes were donated by the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign.

On Clean Air day, 20th June, the school held a summer fete type event with food, fun and games for the children which featured a range of stalls with an environmental and wellbeing theme. Mark Jones a Burngreave councillor attended the event. These events were organised with inspirational hard work from Rashad Hassan, senior learning mentor at the school, who said:

“I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who attended our event, to say short, it was massively successful as throughout the day our children couldn’t stop talking about it. The messages, the ideas and our commitment to improving our environment has shined through our children and has been instilled in their minds with all the work they have been doing.”

The posters were amazing as well as the community model which has now been adopted by the Burngreave Clean Air team.

The valuable work we are doing contributes to our application for gold status on the Modeshift Stars, and we are on the road to getting there.

We carried on the Clean Air day theme in our community. On Saturday there was a Great Pitsmoor Get Together event in Abbeyfield Park commemorating Jo Cox. Our members were out there in force with our banner discreetly posted on a rubbish skip.

On Sunday there was a Burngreave Clean Air stall at Firth Park festival. It was a great chance to chat to people in the community, get signatures for our petition and give out our new badges. Every year at this event it seems that local people are showing a greater awareness not just about clean air but the whole range of environmental concerns.

Our next big event is hosting a feeder march from Burngreave to join activity in town on Youth4Climate Strike day on 26th September. Starting at Abbeyfield Park 11.00am then Ellesmere Green at 11.30am. Come along if you can, bring your banners and placards. Make sure our voice is heard!

For more information about the Burngreave Clean Air campaign contact or visit our Facebook page.

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