Man guilty in ‘terror trial’

Story by Richard Belbin

The trial of two men arrested by Counter Terrorism Policing officers in December 2017 has finished, with one man being found guilty.

Farhad Salah, 24, was found guilty of preparing to commit acts of terrorism after the court heard he attempted to make a bomb that would be placed in a driverless car. The Brunswick Road resident called his plot a “martyrdom operation with cars without driver.” He had been testing small explosive devices just prior to his arrest.

Salah had expressed support for the Islamic State group (IS), and had said he wanted to fight in IS controlled territories. His inability to travel to such an area led him to seek out alternative targets.

He was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and must serve at least two thirds of that sentence before being eligible for parole.

His co-accused, Andy Star from Chesterfield, was cleared of the charges when the jury failed to reach a verdict for a second time.

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