More bus changes for Burngreave

83 bus at the bus stop.

Story by Graham Jones | Photo by Richard Belbin

Travel South Yorkshire have said that there will further bus timetable changes from 1st September, with some good news for Burngreave.

A new route 11A will offer a fifteen minute service from Herdings and the city centre to the Northern General. A number of us have campaigned for a long time for such a service which we hope will reduce traffic to the Northern General and thereby reduce local illegal levels of air pollution.

Also the frequency of the 75 and 76 routes is going to be increased from five buses per hour to six on each route.

The bad news is that the so called summer reductions, giving two buses an hour on the each of 97/98 routes, are permanent. There will be no future evening or Sunday journeys on the 36 route.

35/38 bus services are to be abolished and partially be replaced by buses on the rerouted 18/32 routes . In addition route 5 is to be taken over by Powells and the 32 route is having some route changes. The full timetables have not yet been published and so the full impact of these changes remains unclear.

The current bus service based on profit clearly leads to an unsustainable vicious circle of fare increases, loss of passengers, and cutting of services with a reciprocal increase in car traffic, carbon emissions and air pollution. In South Yorkshire bus fares are expensive compared with those in London or Manchester and are often prohibitively expensive for those, especially with families, on low incomes. Consequently bus passenger numbers in South Yorkshire are falling by millions each year.

It is time to break this destructive cycle and defend our bus services for ourselves and our environment. Our buses need to be taken back under public control.

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