No 33 was a lifeline

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Dear Messenger,

I am sorry to hear of the gradual running down of the bus service provision in the area however I do feel that our local bus service should have been included.

I have lived on Cooks Wood Road for over 40yrs, I travelled daily to work on the No 33 bus that ran every 10 mins into the city centre at peak times, reducing to every 20 minutes in non-peak. This bus was a lifeline to all the elderly people who lived on our hill and on route to the terminus, not only to get to town but to travel in the other direction for many years to Hillsborough.

A few years ago this route seemed to have acquired unfairly an unnecessary label and a dismissive approach from successive bus companies.

The 33 became renumbered as the 32, the town centre bus stop moved and hardly locatable without a long walk and the service reduced to running only every 2 hours and stopping totally at 6pm. Even bus services in rural areas run more frequently than this!

And yet there was no mention of the demise of service on the No 32 route.


Lynne Garwood

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