North East Ward Pot 2019–20: Covering the Burngreave Ward

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Councillors have a budget they can allocate to activities and projects that positively contribute to the priorities for their wards. For Burngreave this year the amount is £17,34. Burngreave Ward Councillors are looking to fund sustainable projects and activities in their ward that benefit the local community. To be eligible projects and activities will need to fit in with the Burngreave Ward Priorities.

For 2019-20 these priorities are:

  • Community Support and Wellbeing
  • Mitigate the impact of welfare reforms.
  • Activities to ensure good physical and mental health.
  • Activities to help people access employment and training.
  • Environment and Public Realm
  • Promote initiatives that help clean-up the area.
  • Encourage volunteers and friends groups to improve local green spaces
  • Cohesion and Safety
  • Celebrate the diversity of the area by supporting events that bring the community together.
  • Champion partnership working to tackle any community tensions
  • Improve perceptions of crime in the area
  • Children Young People and Families
  • Encourage positive activities for Children and Young People, including those that help raise attainment
  • Promote the take up of free early learning places
  • Promote the additional school places

To apply for a grant you will need to complete the application forms (below) and return them to:

001 – Ward Pot Request for Funding 2019-20:

002 – Ward Pot Small Grants Guidance 2019-20:

003 – Ward Pot signature and conditions form 2019 -20:

Please read the information carefully to ensure that your group is eligible to receive funding before you fill in the form.

If you are unsure about your project and would like to discuss it further please contact the Community Services Officer on 0114 205 3598 or email

Your Local Area – Contact:

Telephone: 0114 203 7562


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