The Chronicles of the Astreans

Astrean Adventure Teacher Group Photo

Story and photos by Richard “Jupiter Cocacola” Belbin

Members of the Astrea Academy Creative Writing Elective held their end of year exhibition on 17th July, showcasing their art and imagination.

Entitled The Chronicles of the Astreans: The Nameless Exhibition of Wonder & Mystery, the group (under their ‘creative’ names, such as the one even I was forced to adopt!) created an amazing variety of artworks around a theme of reimagining the mundane, the everyday, and turning the normal into something more interesting – art!

Amongst the pieces were reimagining’s of the artists walks to school, replete with hidden dangers and excitements (such as unicorns and giant snakes) that most of us apparently walk straight past! The group created their own version of haiku’s, as well as fantastical ‘Unexpected Journey’s and interactive exhibits such as the ‘Brexit Box’ created by Diamond Bugatti Divo (aka Rohan). The event finished with some of the group reading out their jointly written story The Chronicles of Diaper Spider and the Others on a very windy rooftop.

The elective sessions were run in conjuncton with Rotherham based arts charity Grimm and Co, who certainly seemed to have done an excellent job of helping the students to achieve their aim – that we are all artists

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