Youth Climate Strike action – Burngreave feeder march

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Children marching for Burngreave clean air

Everyone is welcome to join a march in support of youth Climate Strike action starting 11am on FRIDAY 20th SEPTEMBER.

Young people inspired by Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg are organising a youth climate strike and they have asked for adults to support them.

The march, organised by Burngreave Clean Air Campaign, starts 11am on FRIDAY 20th SEPTEMBER at Abbeyfield Park. It proceeds to Ellesmere Green for 11.30am and then on to Barker’s Pool in the city centre to join the main rally at 1pm.

Graham Jones of the Burngreave Clean Air Campaign says:

“There IS a Climate Emergency and many more people now agree that this is threatening our survival and our world. We cannot ignore it. Fighting climate breakdown means creating a fair and sustainable world that works for all of us.”

All are welcome and you are invited to bring banners, placards and friends, and be prepared to make a lot of noise.

Organised by Burngreave Clean Air Campaign.

Email: or ring 0747 471 7462

On Facebook at:

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