Meet Burngreave Library volunteers as they celebrate four years

Library volunteers meet at Sheffield Peace Gardens

Burngreave Library celebrated it’s fourth year as a volunteer led service on Saturday 5th October with a get together and meal. On the day Burngreave Library Tweeted to say:

“Today marks four years since Burngreave Library has been run by volunteers and the perfect time to say happy birthday and thank you to the brilliant team who have kept the library open and thriving since 2015. Thank you all!!!”

To mark this milestone SOAR have been celebrating the wonderful work the volunteers have achieved with a series of ‘meet the library volunteers’ stories on their news blog:

Meet the Burngreave Library volunteers

Meet Christina – Burngreave Library Volunteer

“My name is Christina and I have volunteered at Burngreave Library since it became a volunteer-led library. As a frequent user, I wanted to make sure that the library remained open, both for myself and the Burngreave community.” … (read more)

Meet Bonnie – Burngreave Library Volunteer

“My name is Bonnie and I have been volunteering at Burngreave Library for just over 1 year now. As a library user, I came into the library one day and starting chatting to Marcia, who told me about the volunteering opportunities. Since joining the team, I have loved being able to give back to the community.” … (read more)

Meet Phil – Burngreave Library Volunteer

“My name is Phil and I have been a Burngreave Library volunteer for just over 1 year. A friend who was already volunteering recommended it to me and so I went to see Marcia (Burngreave Library Co-ordinator) who discussed the role with me, showed me around and introduced me to the team.” … (read more)

Meet Custos – Burngreave Library Volunteer

“I first found out about the volunteering opportunity through my family who told me about the role. I’m very happy to be part of the team and feel productive when at the Library.” … (read more)

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