Astrea transforming computer teaching

Story by Deborah Blencowe

Teachers at Astrea Academy are transforming the way computing is taught in classrooms, by concentrating on data source to give young people the ability to understand and solve real world challenges.

The project, succesfully piloted last year, is provided thanks to support from The David and Jane Richards Family Foundation. They would like to make computer science fun, exciting and relevant and help solve the challenges of the world.

Pupils gave their own presentations of ‘inventions’ they have created which were very amusing to listen to.

Ariam Saleh spoke of her 3D food-printing device, ‘MAKERBOT’ which can be healthy and good for the environment because it can help to convert alternative ingredients such as proteins from algae, beet leaves or insects into tasty products.

Caitlyn Mukasa has invented a heat suit that you wear whilst swimming so you do not feel the cold. It has a built in chip which transmits information to the app you can install on your phone or watch.

Ismail Jalloh introduced us to the ‘LUCID DR3MR’ which is a headset that you can wear whilst sleeping and set it to record any dreams you would like to experience and you can decide what happens, the audience loved it.

Liam Daniel, has created a ‘Forever Phone’ which has battery power that can last for days and has the ability to transport through to other systems, such as another phone, games consoles, TVs and so on.

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