Jumble Trail

Jumble trail

Story  by Saleema Imam

Would you like to take part in a ‘jumble trail’ in Burngreave? It’s an idea the Eden Project have come up with, and they say:

“A Jumble Trail is a celebration of community and recycling, oh and bargains, of course!

“Imagine a car boot sale, only held in a neighbourhood outside homes across lots of streets. Literally everyone and anyone in the community can take part.

“It’s a brilliant way for people to sell things they don’t need, rather than them gathering dust unused, unloved and unwanted.

“Upcycling and recycling is great for the environment, and it’s good for our pockets too.

“Signing up in advance means we can create a map of exactly where all the stalls are to help people get around them all, but anyone can join on the day if they want to.”

Are you interested in taking part in a jumble trail in Burngreave sometime soon? If so get in touch and let us know and we’ll arrange a date!

If you are interested let us know at mail@burngreavemessenger.org and we will put everyone together.